Applications and Fees

Citizens needing to go before the Planning & Zoning Commission should make application at City Hall. Our staff will place the item on the next agenda after application, fee, and backup documents are received. Depending on what item is being brought before the Board, a pre-application meeting with the Director of Community Services and Director of Utilities is required before application process can begin.

"Subdivision Regulations" are used to ensure residential neighborhoods are constructed according to sound principles and standards.

"Zoning" is used to implement the land-use plan and allows the City to set aside specific areas for residential, commercial, industrial and other forms of urban development. The City Council is ultimately responsible for determining the appropriate district to apply to each parcel of land after initial review by the Planning & Zoning Commission. The Planning & Zoning Commission reviews all requests (platting and zoning) and any recommended changes are presented to the City Council for final consideration. The process of rezoning usually takes approximately three months.

The Commission also serves as the Board of Adjustments.

Contact Information:
Anna Garcia
Adm. Asst.