Purchasing and Procurement Informaton

The primary governing authority for all City of Andrews’ purchasing policies and procedures shall be the City’s Charter in conjunction with Local Government Code Chapter 252, “Purchasing and Contracting Authority of Municipalities.” All procurement activity shall be in accordance with applicable state and local government codes.

All powers of the City vest in the City Council. Authority for purchasing of goods and services is delegated to the City Manager provided the purchase does not exceed $15,000.

Purchasing Objectives:

  • Attempt to gain the most value in every purchase;
  • Attempt to insure public spending is not used to enrich elected officials or government employees or to confer favors on favored constituents;
  • Establish a good strong business-like relationship with all interested vendors;
  • Ensure public funds are safeguarded;
  • Ensure fair and open competition among bidders; and
  • Ensure local businesses have an added opportunity in the contract awards process.