WaterWise Landscape Incentive Program

The WaterWise Landscape Incentive Program is designed to encourage water conservation thru “best practices” in landscaping:

  • the installation of micro-irrigation systems to existing lawns and/or shrubs and flowerbeds including systems which detect rainfall and employ water delay features.


  • the installation (or conversion) of grass areas to xeriscape landscaping consisting of native/adapted plants and non-living, pervious xeriscape surfaces, including synthetic turf.

Homeowners can experience major water savings while achieving an attractive landscape.  Other benefits include healthier lawns, shrubs and plants, less maintenance and significantly less water consumption.

The City of Andrews will reimburse existing residential water customers $1.00 per square foot for investment in WaterWise landscape technologies.  Eligible areas include a front yard and/or side yard viewable from a public street.  A minimum of 500 square feet is required or 50% of the front yard area and/or side yard if the total area is less than 1,000 square feet.  The front yard and/or side yard areas are to be measured from the backside of the curb to the fascia of the house.

The maximum amount of reimbursement is $1,500 per residential water customer.  The monies are available on a cost-reimbursement basis; no funds will be paid “up front” or advanced prior to completion of the landscape installation/construction.  Projects must be completed within 90 days of approval.

FUNDING IS LIMITED.  Funds are appropriated by the City Council on an annual basis.  Funds for the WaterWise Landscape Incentive Program are available, until exhausted, on a first-come, first-served basis.

APPLICATION FOR FUNDING:  Applications for the WaterWise Landscape Incentive Program are available in the City Manager’s Office so long as funds remain available.  The application will be submitted to the Director of Community Services or his designee for review and approval.  An applicant may appeal a determination of eligible or ineligible improvements and the amount of the incentive to the City Manager. 

In addition, as an incentive to residential home builders and developers, the City of Andrews will waive the water tap fee for those builders/developers installing WaterWise landscape techniques.


NOTE:  Approval for WaterWise Landscape Incentive monies must be given prior to any work being performed.

Eligible Improvements are limited to the front yard, and side yards viewable from a public street.  Reimbursable improvements are limited to: 

  • Installation of (or conversion to) a low-application rate, micro-irrigation system in existing grass areas and shrub and flower beds, including systems which reduce overwatering by automatically adjusting watering times based on rainfall or soil moisture.

  • Installation of (or conversion to) a xeriscape landscape consisting of:

    • Native or adapted plants with very low to moderate water requirements

    • Non-living, pervious landscape surfaces which help reduce storm water runoff 

    • Synthetic turf 

  • Recyclable water features and fountains incidental to the overall project scope and comprising 10% or less of the overall area are eligible for reimbursement 

Ineligible Improvements (DO NOT qualify for reimbursement):

  • Projects started or completed prior to an on-site inspection and written approval by the City of Andrews.

  • Concrete parkways and sidewalks

  • High water use and invasive plants

  • Vegetable gardens in lieu of grass lawns or shrubs/flowerbeds

  • Lighting

  • Retaining walls

  • Fencing 

The City of Andrews reserves the right to approve or disapprove of improvements eligible for reimbursement at its sole discretion, based upon the intent of the WaterWise Landscape Incentive Program.

All improvements must be made in conformance with all applicable building codes, laws and zoning requirements.  When work is complete, the homeowner shall schedule a post-installation inspection and submit copies of all relevant receipts.  Reimbursement will be made within 30 days.

Improvements which are located on properties with outstanding property taxes or City-related liens are not eligible for incentive funding.