Volunteer Initiative Program

 Volunteers are the key to our community.  Key

The City of Andrews looks forward to partnering with members of the community to increase volunteerism in Andrews and to create opportunities to work together to make Andrews a City of Excellence.

My name is Michael Rosales and I have been appointed as the City's Community Outreach Coordinator.  In this position, I will assist the City Manager with maintaining all community outreach activities including; overseeing the planning and implementation of outreach strategies, connecting people in the broader community, and cultivating relationships with businesses, churches, individuals, and other relevant organizations.  Horse

One of my goals is to foster a culture of volunteerism. A community that is willing to go above and beyond in helping its fellow citizens through volunteer efforts is a community that will thrive in any political or economic condition. While I believe Andrews to be a great place to live, my desire, is to make and keep Andrews a place where people love to live.

It is an honor and a privilege to serve the public and my community in this position. I will do my best to address the issues at hand and continue to move forward in making Andrews a City of Excellence.

Together, we can make a difference!

Volunteer Release Form


Michael Rosales
Community Outreach Coordinator