Residential Construction

Permits are Required For:

  • Building, electrical, mechanical and plumbing permits for new residential construction
  • Changing, moving or repairing walls, floors, ceilings etc. requires a Building Permit
  • Changing, moving or repairing electrical requires an Electrical Permit
  • Changing, moving or repairing mechanical requires a Mechanical Permit
  • Changing, moving or repairing plumbing requires a Plumbing permit

New Home Construction:
Two (2) complete sets of construction plans along with a site plan are required. For detailed information on what should be submitted, please refer to Residential Checklist.

Builder's Risk Policy and $25,000 Surety Bond are required before a permit can be issued.

Our office will attempt to expedite plan review in a timely manner; however, review time is dependent upon work volume and varies accordingly. Most plan reviews can be completed within one (1) week.

Contact Information:

Steven Gallier
Building Inspector
432-523-4820 or 432-266-8904