Community Services

The Community Services Department is comprised of several divisions:  Building Permitting/Inspections, Code Compliance/Inspections, Fire Marshal, Sanitation/Landfill, Streets and Recreation.

Community Services strives to enhance the quality of life in Andrews by guiding its physical development through the use of a Master Plan for the City. The Department of Community Services oversees the development and implementation of site plans pertaining to any development across Andrews, as well as development in our ETJ. The department works with property owners and stakeholders to execute the following activities:

  • Development of properties in Andrews through administration of zoning ordinance and platting (the division or combination of property for sale or construction)
  • Administration of beautification programs for businesses through a Building Facade Improvement Program 
  • Administration of water conservation program for residents through the Waterwise Landscape Incentive Program

Applications for subdivision plats are also processed here. Most land development proposals require the submittal of a detailed site plan, which provides the opportunity for staff to review the characteristics of the site, including building location and design, parking, signs, landscaping, ingress/egress, garbage pickup, lighting and more.

Our recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council provide each with the necessary material to make informed decisions regarding community development.

The principle mission of the Building/Inspection Division is to provide a high quality and professional service to the community by reviewing permits and plans and conduct inspections to ensure all commercial and residential development meets recognized standards for building safety and quality of life and helps promote commerce for the greater good of the community.

The goal of Code Compliance Division is to promote a clean and safe environment by educating the public and responding to concerns about possible code violations, as it relates to tall grass, junked vehicles, RVs and large trailers, and rubbish.

The office of the Fire Marshal is aggressively involved in various aspects of fire prevention and public safety. The department performs residential and commercial fire inspections, conducts investigations of fires, inspects structures and other dangerous conditions within the city limits and provides public safety education.

The Sanitation / Landfill Division plays an integral role in the beautification of the city and in ensuring public safety and well being through timely, professional collection and disposal of garbage. Trash collection is provided twice a week to residents and commercial accounts; however, businesses have the option for additional collection days.

The objective of the Street Division is to maintain city-owned streets so as to promote the safe and efficient flow of traffic and to further the beautification efforts of the community.

The city offers family-friendly recreational opportunities in the form of a municipal pool, and various parks and outdoor facilities.


Contact Information: 
Scott Wallace
Asst. City Manager/Director of Public Works