Mission and Vision

The City of Andrews is committed to an excellent quality of life for all citizens by conducting public business and encouraging initiatives which reflect the core values of the community, striving to develop diversity in leadership, and achieving a sense of pride through the proactive, forward-thinking and strategic development of policies and projects

It is the expectation of the City of Andrews to always strive for the highest level of customer service, recognizing that “service” is not a department, but an attitude. 

The City also recognizes that our employees are the lifeblood of our organization. The longstanding policy of the City of Andrews is to have a relatively small, well-trained, stable staff using efficient, well-maintained equipment to provide quality, business-like service. 

Further, the City of Andrews is committed to a long-term financial strategy, which maintains the City’s goal of efficient government (i.e. low taxes, no debt, etc.) and financial strength while balancing the desire to meet community needs.


Key Focus Area 1:  Infrastructure

  • Ensure infrastructure keeps up with community demands.
  • Create a program to proactively assess and replace existing infrastructure.
  • Secure and provide a reliable future water supply.
  • Better utilize existing facilities.
  • Encourage a greater variety in the housing stock available in Andrews.
Key Focus Area 2:  Community Involvement
  • Promote involvement in City government
  • Promote ethnic and age diversity on City boards and commissions.
  • Increase the number of volunteers in community-wide events.
  • Improve relations with other entities and stakeholders.
  • Lead the way by encouraging City employees to be involved in the community.
Key Focus Area 3:  Economic Development
  • Repurpose the AEDC to better meet the City's future viability.
  • Maximuze the potential of the Business & Technology Center.
Key Focus Area 4:  Quality of Life
  • Provide a safe and secure community.
  • Improve community appearance and protect neighborhood integrity.
  • Enhance cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities.
Key Focus Area 5:  Excellent Cuystomer Service
  • Ensure interaction with the City is a positive experience.
  • Continuously explore opportunities to improve.
Key Focus Area 6:  Desired Workplace
  • Provide employees a competitive rate of pay and benefit package.
  • Empower employee sto grow an engage.