Unclaimed Property

The City of Andrews Finance Department is attempting to locate the rightful owners of unclaimed cash. There are more than one hundred names of individuals and businesses who have failed to claim money that is owed to them. In most cases, those individuals and businesses either forgot to obtain their water deposit refund, or failed to cash a payroll or vendor check that derived from other City business activities.

It is our sincere desire to return all unclaimed cash back to its rightful owners as it is not the City’s money to keep. Please search the City's Unclaimed Fund Listing to see if any of this money belongs to you.

Unclaimed Fund Listing

Steps to Claim Unclaimed Funds:

  1. Review the City's Unclaimed Fund Listing using the above link.
  2. Search or Locate your name on the City's Unclaimed Fund Listing.
  3. Submit a completed Unclaimed Funds Claim Form with the supporting documentation that establishes your right to receive the funds.
Unclaimed Funds Claim Form

Before you submit the Unclaimed Funds Form, remember to:

  • Answer all questions and fully complete all blanks on the Unclaimed Funds Claim Form.
  • Supply photocopies of required documentation.
  • Sign and date the Unclaimed Funds Claim Form.

Contact Information:
Steve Eggleston
Director of Finance