Update on Kids Kingdom Rebuild


Work is well underway at the site of the old Kids' Kingdom park at City Lake. The project, a joint effort of the City of Andrews and Andrews County, should be completed around the first of April.

With demolition and prep work completed, the actual rebuild will begin March 1. Beginning March 4th at 9:00 a.m., the project will begin accepting volunteers from the community in much the way it did during the initial build, with volunteers of all ages and skill levels welcome. Before entering the work area, all volunteers must sign in at the Leathers (contractor) canopy giving names and stating whether skilled or unskilled so that each can be placed accordingly.

Individuals, families, groups or organizations, businesses, etc. are encouraged to participate in the community endeavor by donating time or money toward the project.

Anyone donating a minimum of 20 hours or a cash donation of $300 or more will receive recognition on a personalized picket to be displayed on a memorial wall.