Animal Control

The Animal Control Department is responsible for enforcing all City codes and ordinances pertaining to animals, and for the apprehension and control of stray animals with the city limits. Animal control also defends threatened animals from abuse or neglect and works closely with law enforcement to contain or help aggressive animals that threaten the community.

The Department has one animal control officer staffed through the Police Department. The animal control officer regularly patrols city streets and follow-ups on compliants received.

The department has several animal traps they can loan to local residents. Contact the Police Department if you need one. As traps become available, the Animal Control Officer will assist in setting up and demonstrating the traps operation.


  • Responding to citizens' complaints regarding stray animals
  • Apprehending and impounding stray animals
  • Picking up dead animals from city streets
  • Issuing citations to owners of animals running loose
  • Caring for, adopting, and putting down unclaimed animals impounded at the Animal Shelter
Fowl and wild animals are prohibited in the City of Andrews.

Contact Information: 
Rudy Madrilez
Animal Warden